Our Technology

A new class of monoclonal antibodies

  • instant, on-demand efficacy with fast-acting results
  • simple oral application
  • targets only harmful pathogens with high precision
  • no risk of antibiotic resistance

Proprietary monoclonal antibody platform

The first synthetic monoclonal antibody lead product is designed specifically for pig production.

It is the result of novel technology and cross-disciplinary research from VIB, together with its partner universities, VUB and Ghent University, as well as the Ghent University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (ranked the number one veterinary science program in 2020 on the Academic Ranking of World Universities).

Robust manufacturing process guarantees a reliable supply

  1. First monoclonal antibody engineered for ETEC protection
  2. Product variation is highly controlled, leading to well-defined edible antibodies. Batch-to-batch verifiable consistency.
  3. Contributes to sustainable animal production

Proven technology,
with a product specific IP

The Animab product line is a cutting-edge class of orally administered antibodies designed to improve the performance of livestock animals. In an innovative approach, Animab prevents intestinal infections with an on-demand solution that targets specific pathogens with immediate efficacy. Spanning a range of gastrointestinal indications, many new product opportunities that target bacteria, viruses and host factors in livestock animals are now possible with this groundbreaking proprietary technology.

Pathogens are known to cause disease, but they also can have a significant impact on overall animal performance. That’s why the industry is actively looking for cost-effective solutions. At the same time, consumers, regulators and health organizations want a reduction in antibiotics in food sources.

Our pioneering biotechnology helps to optimize livestock health management with three key elements: 1) ease of oral administration 2) minimizes the need for antibiotics, and 3) offers an alternative to zinc oxide (banned as of 2022 for environmental reasons).   

Research with global impact

Animab is founded on four patent families that cover technologies ensuring better performance, higher weight gain, better feed conversion and good physiological development with emphasis on livestock.

Animab is backed by a European investor syndicate with the ambition to bring this proven concept to the market as a commercial product.

From the production and purification of antibodies to its formulation and distribution, Animab's technology prevents intestinal bacterial colonization thanks to the direct integration with animal feed.

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