Cutting-edge biotechnology for better animal performance

Animab is a biotechnology company based on proprietary technology that supports livestock health.

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Oral antibodies that improve gut health

Fewer infections. Fewer antimicro­bials. Better animal performance. Advances in biotechnology now make it possible. Through its antibody-based approach that targets intestinal pathogens, Animab helps protect piglets during their most fragile post-weaning stage.

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Animab is founded on four patent families that cover technologies ensuring better performance, higher weight gain, better feed conversion and good physiological development with emphasis on livestock.

Animab is backed by a European investor syndicate with the ambition to bring this proven concept to the market as a commercial product.

From the production and purification of antibodies to its formulation and distribution, Animab's technology prevents intestinal bacterial colonization thanks to the direct integration with animal feed.

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