About Animab

Ensuring the intestinal health of piglets

Animab offers a safe and sustainable way to protect piglets' intestinal health during the vital post-weaning stage. Our proprietary antibodies mimic secretory IgA, a type of natural antibody passed through colostrum and milk to protect nursing animals.

In a collaborative effort with VIB and the Ghent University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Animab further improved these antibodies to target with speed and precision specific intestinal pathogens in livestock without altering the healthy microbiome.

Animab will continue to collaborate with these top academic research groups to expand the high precision biological resources available to protect young animals.

Key figures


of piglets affected by post-weaning diarrhea


increase in global demand for pork by 2050


of antimicrobials used for animals

Board of Directors

Patrick Keereman
Chairman of the Board

Carla Snoeck
Manager New Ventures

VIB (Vlaams Instituut Biotechnologie)

Kenneth Wills
Head of Life Sciences & Care

PMV (Participatie Maatschappij Vlaanderen)

Laetitia Gerbe
Partner for AVF Fund

Seventure Partners

Patrik Haesen
Senior Investment Manager

Agri Investment Fund

Shelley Margetson
Managing Partner

V-BIO Ventures

Sofie Baeten
Managing Partner

Qbic III

Founding institutes and universities

Scientific founders

Vikram Virdi

Vikram Virdi

Ann Depicker

Nico Callewaert

Nico Callewaert

Eric Cox

Henri De Greve

Henri De Greve

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